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Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 18:22:55 EEST

On my remark on the 1K Modela CNC RP machine, Martti Huolila wrote:

>Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Modela still a tool to make a part with
>rather than a "push-button-3D-printer". My point being that there seems to
>be a need for rp that doesn't require any effort for producing the proto
>other than "one button". Even the need of concidering the correct build
>orientation is extra work that has very little to do with the end product
>and there for is unproductive time. This is not the concern of the employer
>but due to natural reaction to workload. Avoiding hassle or smthng...

You are of course perfectly right: the industrial designer indeed does need
a 'push-button' device (special button '3D print' in his CAD software,
next to the current '2D print').

This situation will be there in a few years, however, none of the current
concept modellers have come that far yet. Nor layer oriented, nor CNC.
All require some manual preprocessing like choosing a part orientation,
most require some postprocessing like removing a support structure.

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