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Date: Tue Apr 14 1998 - 11:09:27 EEST

Dear Mr Blasch,

Your question about the TV remote control is interestingly accurate. Yes I
have attempted to use one without beeing careful enough to point the
correct end to the correct position of the TV set. I have also noticed the
differences in angles of success when trying several different remote
control devices. Although I'm quite happy with the current remote controls
I'm sure there is a need for controls that do not require orientation (low
frequency RF for instance) Have you not witnessed anybody swearing at a
remote that "doesn't work properly"? ; -)

> How about making Microwave popcorn? "This side up"
Tried it once and was very happy to notice the orientation advice in time.

> You don't just throw the paper at your "push-button" printer and expect
it to load properly do you?
As a matter of fact I do, .. now. It was a mess earlier but the stack
loaders we have in our printers work fine. Pull the loader open, put the
unwrapped paper stack in as is, close the door and the system is "go".
Applies to the copiers also. You need to reload after thousand sheets. One
does need to know to unwrap the paper though.

> The document you are printing must first be setup with the proper margins
and fonts and thats just 2D data, so at what point did it become just a
push button device?
Indeed, the set up has been a reason for many desperate cries from the less
technical document producers. The printer became a "push button decive"
when the data departement finally got all our templates updated and got the
printers to que up correctly on the net.

> Until an RP device is capable of producing feature definition on a
molecular level it will be necessary to orient the part to optimize the
surface finish and features.
Maybe, but if it could be described as "orientate the object flat on the
table" and this could be used always it would recuire little understanding
and yet leave the possibility to fiddle with it if there is excess energy.
It is not so much the difficulty of understanding a little detail but to
remember to take it into account when necessary.

> PS: Did you instinctively know how to use the software you are creating
you designs in, or were you trained?...self taught? Is there some skill
level required to use it?
We use Integraph EMS, do I need to say more? ;-) Schooling, training,
lectures and still learning, yes it is quite an effort to master.

> Why do you see RP as different?
Actually , I don't. The original question and discussion was about a
purchase of an office printer and whether someone would buy a 20 K machine
now. Some 15 years ago we had laser printing service bureaus. As long as
there is an easier alternative to having an in house 3D printer there will
be limits to buying one. 3D cad is concidered a must and is useful only if
you make the model yourself. RP can be benefitted from, even by ordering
RP models from service bureaus.

While understanding and sharing the frustration caused by some requirements
of ease of use (one button, no brains needed) those needs need to be taken
into concideration. My comment about orientating to be unproductive was a
bit provokative, but it was to summarise the kind of feedback I've been
getting when inquiring the need for an "in house RP-device".

While confident that any of our mechanical constructors could learn to use
any of the available office-modellers I have been unable to show that the
benefits of having one would pay for the time spent on learning and
monitoring the device against using the available services. There are other
factors in the decision of make/buy too but this was about the ease of use.

The pioneers can master anything but the masses are reached with the
easiest interfaces.

Martti Huolila

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