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Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 01:57:25 EEST

These prices look and sound good at first glance, but do they work? Will
they need Hardware and software upgrades in order to be functional? What
about support and maintenance on the DTM's? And what about shipping? What
about the BOS and the vacuum? I can see where these number could grow very

We are currently in the market for and SLS machine and considered attending
this auction, but we determined that due to the complexities of setting up
the machine to run parts a standing relationship with the manufacture would
be needed. It may be better for us to buy a new machine or a newly used
machine recently off lease. We think the machines sold at auction would be a
great buy for a company who already has this type of equipment, or for a
school to train students on, but not for a new user or small company looking
to turn a profit or make parts in a few weeks.

It would be interesting to know where each of the machines went and how long
it takes for the machines to become operational and what unforeseen problems
are encountered. I plan to stay tuned on this one. Will we see these same
machines up for auction again in 6-12 months due to lack of forethought and
understanding of the fine print? I wonder!!!

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>lot 165-Lindberg furnace for metals,(1995) $12,500
>lot 207-Stratasys model FDM 1650,(1995) $28,000
>lot 208-Stratasys model FDM 1650,(1995) $11,000
>lot 215-Cubital model SGC 5600,(1997) $27,000
>lot 216-DTM model 2500 (1996) $140,000
>lot 217-DTM model 2500 (1996) $120,000
>lot 218-DTM model 2000 (1996) $47,500
>lot 219-DTM model 2000 (1996) $47,500
>lot 220-DTM model 2000 (1994) $46,000
>All of the above for a total of-----------------$478,500
>Plus a 10% buyers fee of-------------------------$47,850
>Grand total ------------------------------------$526,350
>Elaine Hunt wrote:
>> Did anyone go and make a great purchase? Any new SBs due to this type of
>> activity? What was the going price for FDM, SLS, etc?
>> Elaine
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