1000 times faster internet

From: Joe DeGuglielmo (jfdegug@ibm.net)
Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 12:45:33 EEST

An article in today's in our local (Rochester NY, USA) paper talked
about a new internet like network being developed for research and
development purposes that is 1000 times faster then the current internet
when accessed by a 28.8 modem. It will be accessible over a standard
phone line too! The new network would not be available to the general
public at first but rather to the colleges and Universities to promote
research and development. One cited example was for real time transfer
of live video images for emergency medical purposes and long distance
diagnosis. Vice President Gore apparently announced the effort
recently. Three major companies were mentioned, Cisco, Northern
telecom, and a third which I can't recall will donate service on a new
cross continent fiber optics system that was recently completed.

Now that's progress!!!


Regards, Joe DeGuglielmo

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