Laser maintenance

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Date: Wed Apr 15 1998 - 21:18:31 EEST

Dear List,

Insights and inquiries...
There are 2 types of lasers. Solid State and Gas lasers.
Argon Ion= 351.5 n/m with filter or multi-modal without filters
Helium Cadmium(He/Cd)= 325 n/m and other wavelengths
Solid States:
Diode pumped UV lasers at normally 355 n/m.

Therefore 3 different resins are required.

The He/Cd is air cooled and 110 volts.
The Argon Ion must utilize a heat exchanger and is 208 volts/ 3 phase.
The Solid State is air cooled and 110 volts.

All systems require some maintenance. At a glance it appears that the
maintenance per milliwatt hour is fairly close among the various lasers
less than 1 watt. The higher powered lasers have less maintenance per
milliwatt hour simply because of higher output per unit.
Any comments or maintenance experience?

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

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