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Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 19:09:01 EEST

At 01:40 PM 4/16/98 +0200, you wrote:

>Easy to run? No.
>Fast and economical? Depends on the number of parts you need.

I think this is the point. RP demands that parts be manufactured and
delivered in days, who can afford to run a full vat of material for one part
to make a three day delivery. Can you imagine throwing away a vat of
material for an SLA build for one part? The alternative...hold builds until
the machine is full??????Not very rapid!

>I know of a few more profitable Cubital centers in Europe and Asia. Making
>money in the RP service business depends on much more than which RP system
>you own. Put another way, any RP system can be part of a profitable

Are they profitable because of the Cubital or is the cost of Cubital hidden
in other areas of the business??? Of course any RP system can be part of a
profitable business, but an RP systems can also contribute to a
nonprofitable business.

>At $27,500 the Cubital on auction was a bargain.

Really??........Warren Hill at Commonwealth Trading Company, Inc.
(404-469-7292) can probably put together four or five more deals as good as
this. Dan Davis was correct in his supply/demand comments otherwise the
machine would have commanded a higher price. As Vern Carter posted a few
days ago, lets see if the purchaser will confirm these were bargain prices
after 6-12 months of incorporating this equipment into use. Until that point
we'll have to just wait and see!


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego,CA

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