FW: joke of the week (I did not write this)

From: Hodder, David J (David.Hodder@PHL.Boeing.com)
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 23:41:43 EEST

> Subject: RE: joke of the week (I did not write this)
> >Please do not spoil it with such junk mails, also called jokes.
> Dear Vivek, Those of us who make our frequently quite intense and
> demanding living using principles of RP in an industrial setting do
> everything we can to make the work enjoyable and, as much as possible,
> fun.
> Here in the US, our Friday extrapolates that feeling, as it is
> traditional to dress casually, and spend more time interacting on a
> personal/professional/social level. We have found that this serves to
> release tensions, absolve grievances, and generally heighten the
> sometimes adversely-impacted morale of the Group.
> I have personally enjoyed most of the contributions that Elaine
> [Persall] Hunt has generously posted to this list, as she is exactly
> what Industry expects of Academia in the role of moderator to this
> eclectic membership. This contribution, in the form of humor with an
> unusual aspect taken to Technology [computers] is, in my opinion most
> welcome, in moderation, to what sometimes tends towards tedium. I
> shall not hesitate to forward it to many of my contemporaries, who
> unlike your good self, are blessed with a sense of humor.
> I do not anticipate any complaints, in fact, quite the reverse; and,
> I'm sure I can speak for the majority of this ml. Elaine is a
> respected Alumna of the list, and does not deserve such unseemly
> commentary, even if feathers may have been ruffled.
> I respectfully suggest that in future if you have a beef directed
> towards someone posting an e-m that You find objectionable, You can
> [a] erase it without comment, [b] address any complaints to the person
> making the posting, [c] desist from airing your opinion to the entire
> list, and [d] respect the traditions of other cultures in regard to
> introducing some judicious levity to the daily grind.
> Further outbursts of this nature will trigger further off-topic
> rejoinder, I assure you. We may take semi-seriously the last part of
> your parenthetic appendage, the (......-BS).
> DavidStJHodder aka 2 of 7
> 'An it harm none, do what thou wilt'
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> Subject: Re: joke of the week (I did not write this)
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