Re: joke of the week (I did not write this)

From: Vivek Shanmuganathan \(95410006-BS\) (
Date: Sat Apr 18 1998 - 08:54:15 EEST

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998 wrote:

> Well,some people dont really have a sense of humor. Its wrong to
> use such acidic words on a mailing list.

Those words were strong but neutral still!:-)

> WHats wrong if some people want
> to have some fun exchanging a couple of jokes?

Sure. There are separate mailing lists meant for that on the net.
There are a number of sites for reading jokes. Jokes and forwarded
articles are normally exchanged well known friends. It need not be
mass-mailed to 1000's of rp-ml!

If u still need one from the rp-ml recipients, we should think of having
rp-humour-ml. Otherwise, rp-ml may mean rp-mockery list.

> Its to be kept in mind
> that it was sent to a mailing list & not specifically to 'that' person.
> **If you dont like to read it, I hope you have a pretty good email system
> that allows you to skip & delete the so called 'junk' mails.

You fail to understand the logic of my posting.
A(ny) mailing list on the net has a specific purpose.
Many mailing lists have moderators to filter unwanted material.

What is the diffciculty in subscribing to some mailing lists that send u
jokes periodically?


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