Re: joke of the week (I did not write this)

From: Vivek Shanmuganathan \(95410006-BS\) (
Date: Sat Apr 18 1998 - 10:03:45 EEST

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, michael rees wrote:

> Vivek and list,
> We go through this debate periodically on the rpml. The title lets you
> know to delete it, n'est pas? Often these type of titles will say "OT"
> for off topic. I for one don't think the list is overburdened with this
> kind of joke. It is a tad overburdened with this kind of discussion. I
> support your right to speak out against it, but feel that the whole
> issue isn't that constructive. It makes for hurt feelings and grudges,
> which is counter productive to the spirit of the list.

Thanks for your mail.

I agree with all your comments.

I did not want to hurt anybody persoanlly.

As a subscriber to a few more mailing lists, and a person regularly going
thro some newsgroups, I posted it for all.

Please note that I had not addressed my comments specifically to Dr Elaine
Hunt. I am very sorry -- not for my opposition to off topic mails -- but
for having triggered an off-topic discussion. Most of you objected to my
opposition, some to the tone of my writing. A few of you by personal mail
and thro rp-ml supported me.

In any case, this is time to stop the discussion lest rpml recipients
should not be flooded with more and more unwanted mails.

Dr Hunt, I am sorry, if you are hurt.


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