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From: Martin Koch (
Date: Sat Apr 18 1998 - 18:43:52 EEST

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> >From: "Vivek Shanmuganathan \(95410006-BS\)" <>
> >Please do not spoil it with such junk mails, also called jokes.
> >Please restrain your enthusiasm in mass-forwarding such junk mails.
> If you fail to enjoy a laugh or two, please do not frown on those who do.
> Life is tooooooo short not to enjoy laughter....even RPers should be able
> to accomplish this task without a lot of effort.
> I think this list is no longer any fun. I guess a few spoiled apples ruin
> the whole bunch.
> Elaine
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i would greatly appreciate if our Phd candidate would leave his
directions to those who might want it.
Elaine, please keep up the good work.

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