RE: SGC....maybe listed price...residue value

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Sun Apr 19 1998 - 04:21:36 EEST

>A busy service bureau could recoup the investment in 3 months. I'm
>surprised Kevin Robertson doesn't see it this way [or maybe ARRK don't have
>enough work to fill it ;-) Sorry Kevin, couldn't resist].

You missed my point I believe, the machine has high throughput so you have
to put together a lot of parts to start a build. Who can afford to wait to
fill a build, even a large service bureau [like ARRK ;-) sorry Yakov,
couldn't resist]. If you have to build a few parts you still use up the vat
of material and that is cost prohibitive. Due to the limited resources and
knowledge about Cubital, most customers aren't willing to go with an
unknown. Combine that with the above and you spell disaster.

>If Warren Hill can put together another deal like that, I invite him to
contact me >first.

I'll forward the info, if you get the deal it will be interesting to get
your feedback to the list.

>Of course, whether or not it's a bargain is all relative. It depends on who
>took it and how it'll be used.

Exactly, guess that explains the used machines on the market and lack of
input on this list from the Cubital users. If any are on the rp-ml it would
be interesting to hear their side of the story. This thread could go on
forever. Guess we should agree to disagree on this and let the rest of the
list get some peace, unless Elaine decides to post another joke, Thanks
Elaine ;-)


Kevin Robertson
ARRK-San Diego,CA

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