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From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 15:18:27 EEST

I am not a PHD nor will I ever be! I have far too much humor about me.

I guess if you asked most of the students that have graduated from our RP
Lab at Clemson, they would say the one thing about me they remember the
most is my strange sense of humor. Laughter keep one from being so serious
that one forget that life is NOT rules and regulations rather people and
their participation in your environment. So when someone sent me that joke
(it was new to me) I laughed and thought that being Friday, folks needed a
smile to send them off to the weekend. I never meant to stir up such a
ruckus but yes I was upset with the scolding. In the last 5 years HOW many
times has such occurred and we all decided to put a warning in the heading
and I did.

I was so angry I went out to the list to see why I kept getting messages
when I had left the post. My name change still has the *^%$ name out there
and that's when I asked myself did I really need or want to leave this
list, I muttered "*&^% NO".

So from now own if you do not want to be bothered and you see my name
attached to a message......please delete. I do not have to join humor
groups since I have enough friends who send me things to help lighten my

Think I'll delete that old name though and move to the end of the line.


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