RT and jokes& Elaine

From: Eric Radstok (e.Radstok@ind.tno.nl)
Date: Mon Apr 20 1998 - 14:27:25 EEST

Hoi Elaine, hoi rp-ml,

A small request: Please keep your humor, it keeps you and
other people alive (my remark on the Subject Heading
was meant to be a joke, albeit a bit blackish).

Thank you for the warm welcome of my message.
(I am new on rp-ml although I have some experience with DMLS)

Could you also tell me principles and capabilities of this Optimec
and Huffmann sytems.
I am also aware of the existence of PHAST (Plynetics Express),
 Rapid Dymics and Laser Fare's Technology. However is there anyone
who could tell me what their principle and capabilities are or where
to get this information?

Many thanks in advance

Eric Radstok

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