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Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 15:16:45 EEST

Ian et. al.,
We have not done anything which quite covers this. Phil Reeves has
studied the surface finish of the different processes, for different
angled surfaces. He has just joined me at De Montfort so I will copy all
this to him.
I am not sure there is much on direct comparisons concerning accuracy
and finishing times for the tooling techniques.
I spoke to Joel Segal at Rover Group this morning. They are leading a
European project that looks as though it may provide all these answers!
I don't think they are quite ready to publish yet though.
I must admit I am not too keen on an internet conference. Can't quite
decide if its because I am a Luddite or if its because I like
socialising and having a few beers at conferences!

P.S. Next drinking session (oops sorry conference) is in Dearborn, see
you at the bar (sorry registration)!

Prof. Phill Dickens
De Montfort University

Ian Gibson wrote:
> >
> >This would be a great session for a conference, wouldn't it?
> >Seems like Phil Dickens did something along these lines somewhere.
> >Maybe it was an early study. IMS did an early study of all RP systems.
> >Is anyone doing, planning a study on getting to metals and JUST where this
> >stands? I would add Optimec and Huffman since these systems may be the
> >future tooling machines.
> >
> >Clint, Terry, Phil, Ian.........can one of you rally the troops for such an
> >effort?
> >
> >
> I agree, it would make a good topic for a conference session. Two thoughts.
> I am still looking for someone to champion this area for the upcoming
> internet conference. Phil would be a good candidate but anyone is welcome,
> just get in touch. The conference is scheduled to start at the end of June
> BTW. I have about 6 of the topics covered but would be delighted hear from
> any interested parties. I will be contacting all who responded to my call
> later this week.
> Also, if you are a member of any of the RP societies/associations
> worldwide, look out in the near future for some information that may be
> helpful. I am sure RT will be a key topic for Dearborn. Dearborn would also
> be a good venue to try and stage such a benchmark study. Perhaps Terry
> could expand on this.
> Thanks for the idea Elaine. Watch this space.
> IG
> p.s. Can we drop the joke thread (but not the jokes)? I think the poor guy
> has learnt his lesson and suffered enough - don't you?
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