Re: rapid tooling benchmark

From: Robert Jaquiss (
Date: Tue Apr 21 1998 - 17:57:28 EEST


     The idea of a benchmark sounds interesting. My main interest in the
RP field is the creation and replication of tactile maps, diagrams and
models for use by and for persons who are blind. Being totally blind
myself, I am very interested in the surface finish and accuracy of a part.
I think a fun contest for a conference would be to provide each vendor a
set of .stl files to produce a set of keys. Those who keys opened a box
or room could share prizes within.

     As a child, I had a clock with plastic parts. It would be
interesting to see who could make the most accurate clock.

     On a more serious note, select a variety of items. These could be
used as exercises to demonstrate the ability of each system.

        Robert Jaquiss

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