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From: Leonel Graça (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 13:05:06 EEST

Hi List,

Well, what is the best product for you Terry? I believe you could only
make this question with a chart.

I was a CAD/CAM user long before becoming trainer (presently). When you
are a common user, you often only have the chance to compare the two or
three systems you experience. I have found in many companies I train
EUCLID/Machinist (Matra Datavision) a secondary CAM software. There are
several reasons for this, some of them are related with some limitations
there were on its antecessor, the STRIM100 CAM (it made no Z level at
that time).

Still, in Portugal STRIM100 was leading the 3 AXIS market for many
years. I believed worldly too, but in Portugal I can assure it by the
number of seats. And the rates are not like the one you present. By the
way, is that world or USA market you are talking about?

And where am I getting at? My contribution was that, many trainees of
ours prefer us because of our customers support policy (we are
Portuguese distributors only). It's simply very efficient (those words
are not mine). Surely not because of low price (as Greg Pettengill
suggests "Anvil Express from MCS").

You see Terry, you are aiming this question to high level users. Many
Portuguese CAM users have only the knowledge the run the CAM application
on their computer, and could not tell you who Pitagoras was and what its
theorem is about.

I only felt I should make this contribution because Portugal is a
worldly authority on producing Tools for Moulds and Dies, very demanding
on CAM Software. Now guess what, of course CAM is not developed in
Portuguese. I this cases you do not only need a good Software but good
support from the distributor. But don't worry with my arguments, I feel
very comfortable with EUCLID/Machinist's performance…

Leonel Graça
Distrim, Lda
P.O. Box 199
2432 Marinha Grande Codex
Tel: 044 57 4000 Fax: 044 57 3001

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