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I agree with Leonel. We used Euclid and Strim100 softwares for a long time.
Nowadays, we are testing Euclid Qantum (module Machinist) with several
companies and I think that it is one of the best CAM module. It works in 3
axis machining, the 2 1/2 module will be available in a few months.
I could also mention CATIA NC module which is used by so many companies.
We speak about technical capabilities, and not about economical ratio.
Perhaps these products are to expensive, but i France I know many SMEs that
use them.
We are also interested in TOPCAM from Missler, based on Parasolid modeler
and TopSolid modeler. We have not yet results from tests.

I do not know if this view of practise is a significant argument for CAM
evaluation. I hope it will help you in your study.
If you need more information about experience, please let me know.

Looking forward to meeting you in Dearborn,

Best regards,


A 11:05 23/04/98 +0100, vous avez écrit :
>Hi List,
>Well, what is the best product for you Terry? I believe you could only
>make this question with a chart.
>I was a CAD/CAM user long before becoming trainer (presently). When you
>are a common user, you often only have the chance to compare the two or
>three systems you experience. I have found in many companies I train
>EUCLID/Machinist (Matra Datavision) a secondary CAM software. There are
>several reasons for this, some of them are related with some limitations
>there were on its antecessor, the STRIM100 CAM (it made no Z level at
>that time).
>Still, in Portugal STRIM100 was leading the 3 AXIS market for many
>years. I believed worldly too, but in Portugal I can assure it by the
>number of seats. And the rates are not like the one you present. By the
>way, is that world or USA market you are talking about?
>And where am I getting at? My contribution was that, many trainees of
>ours prefer us because of our customers support policy (we are
>Portuguese distributors only). It's simply very efficient (those words
>are not mine). Surely not because of low price (as Greg Pettengill
>suggests "Anvil Express from MCS").
>You see Terry, you are aiming this question to high level users. Many
>Portuguese CAM users have only the knowledge the run the CAM application
>on their computer, and could not tell you who Pitagoras was and what its
>theorem is about.
>I only felt I should make this contribution because Portugal is a
>worldly authority on producing Tools for Moulds and Dies, very demanding
>on CAM Software. Now guess what, of course CAM is not developed in
>Portuguese. I this cases you do not only need a good Software but good
>support from the distributor. But don't worry with my arguments, I feel
>very comfortable with EUCLID/Machinist's performance…
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