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Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 17:06:59 EEST

Of course, the best price, service and having the most users under license (or
not under license) do not make a good product.

the 2.5 axis is not available? This is 98. What's up with that.

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<< Subj: Re: Best CAM Software
 Date: 98-04-23 09:33:47 EDT
 From: (Alain BERNARD)
 CC: (RP-ML)
 I agree with Leonel. We used Euclid and Strim100 softwares for a long time.
 Nowadays, we are testing Euclid Qantum (module Machinist) with several
 companies and I think that it is one of the best CAM module. It works in 3
 axis machining, the 2 1/2 module will be available in a few months.
 I could also mention CATIA NC module which is used by so many companies.
 We speak about technical capabilities, and not about economical ratio.
 Perhaps these products are to expensive, but i France I know many SMEs that
 use them.
 We are also interested in TOPCAM from Missler, based on Parasolid modeler
 and TopSolid modeler. We have not yet results from tests.
 I do not know if this view of practise is a significant argument for CAM
 evaluation. I hope it will help you in your study.
 If you need more information about experience, please let me know.
 Looking forward to meeting you in Dearborn,
 Best regards,
 Prof. A. BERNARD >>

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Subj: Best CAM Software
Date: 98-04-22 22:20:18 EDT
From: (Terry Wohlers)
To: (RP-ML)

Who makes the best CAM software for 3, 4, and 5-axis machining? I'm most
interested in hearing from users.

The CAM market is incredibly fragmented (much worse than the CAD market),
with CNC Software (Mastercam) owning 12% of the market and 9 others owning
3 to 7%, according to CIMdata. The remaining 52% of the market is made up
of 90 other companies that own 2% or less. If you talk with 10 companies,
chances are good that only 2, maybe 3, will be using the same software.
There's no clear winner. I have the most experience with Surfcam from
Surfware, but I'm not sure it's the answer.

Look forward to hearing from anyone with an opinion.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates, Inc.>>

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