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Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 10:53:57 EEST

Leonel Graša wrote:
> Still, in Portugal STRIM100 was leading the 3 AXIS market for many
> years. I believed worldly too, but in Portugal I can assure it by the

I'm not familar with STRIM100, could you give me some background on it?

> And where am I getting at? My contribution was that, many trainees of
> ours prefer us because of our customers support policy (we are
> Portuguese distributors only). It's simply very efficient (those words
> are not mine). Surely not because of low price (as Greg Pettengill
> suggests "Anvil Express from MCS").

Quite the contrary. I am not suggesting that the lowest priced system
the best. Rather I'm trying to point out that even SurfCAM may be

> You see Terry, you are aiming this question to high level users. Many
> Portuguese CAM users have only the knowledge the run the CAM application
> on their computer, and could not tell you who Pitagoras was and what its
> theorem is about.

Who was Pitagoras and what is its theorem about?


A correction to my last post; The best place to get info on Anvil
is MCS's homesite and that URL is;

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