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Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 19:20:05 EEST

  3D Systems Begins Trials of Robust Prototyping Resin Aimed at Applications
                     Requiring Durable Engineering Plastics

                            (PR Newswire; 04/23/98)

    VALENCIA, Calif., April 23 /PRNewswire/ 3D Systems Corporation (Nasdaq:
TDSC) reported today that it has begun market trials of a new, durable resin
for use with its line of rapid prototyping systems.

    Developed by Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Inc. in collaboration with 3D
Systems, the resin is expected to be commercially available around mid-year.

    The new material is capable of making prototype parts and assemblies
robustness approaching commercial engineering plastics, important for form,
and functional testing of new products in development. In addition to
durability, the resin is optically clear and resistant to humidity.

    Such characteristics are especially important in industries such as
automotive, electronics, computers and consumer products, where many
are made of ABS plastic, noted for its high strength and durability.

    The new resin is a photopolymer sensitive to ultraviolet light. Designed
for use in 3D's largest prototyping systems, the SLA(TM) 3500 and SLA(TM)
the resin is exposed to computer-controlled laser imaging to rapidly produce
highly accurate mechanical parts directly from digital input, without
traditional tooling.

    "We believe this material will help expand the applications of rapid
prototyping," according to Dr. Richard D. Balanson, the company's president
chief operating officer. "Here you have a material that can withstand the
rigors of real-world use, such as snap-fitted casings, yet hold the fine
detail, surface finish and many of the physical characteristics you would
expect from an injection molded part."

    3D Systems and Ciba have a 10-year history of joint development and
marketing of photopolymers used in rapid prototyping. Recently, the companies
introduced Cibatool SL 5210, a new specialty resin designed for applications
that rely on part stability under harsh environmental conditions such as
extreme heat and humidity, a requirement for under-the-hood assemblies in the
automobile industry.

    3D Systems develops, manufactures and markets
SOURCE 3D Systems Corporation
    -0- 04/23/98
    /CONTACT: Mervyn R. Rudgley, Director of Product Management, Ext. 2353,
or Mary E. Woods, Investor Relations, Ext. 2508, both of 3D Systems
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