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From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 19:22:39 EEST

                     (CADSI) CADSI Launches DesignWorks 98
                           (Business Wire; 04/23/98)

     CORALVILLE, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 23, 1998--

     Motion, Structure, and Thermal Analysis embedded in SolidWorks 98

     CADSI(R) (Computer Aided Design Software Inc.) announces the immediate
availability of DesignWorks 98. The DesignWorks 98 release takes mechanical
simulation functionality to the next level by providing integrated Motion,
Structure, and Thermal analysis fully embedded in SolidWorks 98. Design
engineers are able to improve their products and shorten the design cycle by
performing simulation directly in SolidWorks 98.

     DesignWorks 98 has over 50 enhancements with the following primary
functionality improvements:

-- Automatically transfer loads for all mating conditions from
     DesignWorks/Motion to DesignWorks/Structure

-- Automatically utilize SolidWorks mating conditions for Motion -
     no need to recreate or transfer data

-- Animation speed has been significantly improved

-- Enhanced automatic mesh creation on SolidWorks geometry

-- Enhanced polynomial solver functions

-- Use the exact SolidWorks geometry to determine displacements or
     stresses, and perform convection and conduction heat transfer

-- View results in Excel and animate inside SolidWorks

-- Convergence graph to visualize and verify solution accuracy

-- New DesignWorks Tutorial/User documentation

-- Online Help, Release Notes, and Enhancement Request Forms are
     available via the start menu

     "With the recent release of DesignWorks we've taken advantage of our
established high-end analysis expertise to add superior functionality for the
design engineer while staying compatible with SolidWorks 98," says David Bird,
CADSI V. P. of Marketing and Business Development. "CADSI is the only
SolidWorks Gold Partner to deliver a single solution for Motion, Structure,
Thermal analysis embedded in SolidWorks, which provides design engineers with
the tools to shorten their product design cycle and reduce costs."

    "One of DesignWorks' most appealing features is the built-in intuition
which reduces the learning curve and therefore the total design development
cycle," says Tony Pye of cadd magazine. "The DesignWorks suite provides the
most complete solution for any type of analysis problem you can imagine. Even
the dedicated high-end analysis solutions would fine it hard to provide added

    The Motion, Structure, and Thermal analysis capabilities of DesignWorks
be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, reducing the number of physical
prototypes that are built and tested. In a world where time is money,
manufacturers are reaping the benefits of Simulation Driven Design, resulting
in considerable cost and time savings. To Discover the Reality of Simulation
Driven Design, contact CADSI or your Authorized DesignWorks Reseller.


    CADSI develops and markets software tools for Simulation Driven Design.
software is used worldwide by mechanical engineers to simulate the behavior of
mechanical systems, validate and improve designs, reduce costly physical
prototyping, and shorten time to market. CADSI provides technical training,
line support, and engineering consulting services. DesignWorks is available
from CADSI Authorized Resellers. Contact CADSI to locate a reseller in your
area or visit our web site at www.cadsi.com. -0-

     CADSI is a registered trademark and Simulation Driven Design is a
trademark of Computer Aided Design Software, Inc. Other brands and product
names mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.


              David Bird, 319/626-6700

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