SL5510 - To buy or not to buy? - Part T

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Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 20:04:00 EEST

Dear rp-ml,

On 06/04/98 I posted an enquiry asking for user experience with Ciba SL5510
in order that I may begin to make an informed decision on whether to
purchase. The full text of this enquiry is tagged to the end of this email
for those of you who missed / ignored it the first time round.

The only responses I had were:

a) from another resin vendor offering an alternative to SL5510, an offer
backed up with extensive data and user testimony (which is really what I am

b) from Bert Sobanik, Compression Inc, who was also keen to hear the
results. Thanks Bert!

That's it! Not one informative answer.

Are Ciba or 3D Systems listening? If so perhaps you should prepare some
more complete sets of supporting literature relating to your new resins and
encourage your Beta testers to share their experience. I would never try
to sell what is essentially an expensive, unproven product without at least
some supportive user testimony.

I am sure I am not the only SLA-350 owner in the world who is looking at
changing resin to 5510. And I am also sure that none of them will make this
decision based on the information currently available.

Has anyone upgraded? Could they be persuaded to share their reasoning with

I do thank 3D UK for their sample, but as I said in my original posting - it
looks good but I can't make the decision to buy on this alone.

If anyone out there (and there must be someone!) has been using SL5510 could
they please read the attached enquiry and post any answers / signposts to
info sources.

I will post a summary of responses as soon as I get any.

Yours hopefully (but not too expectantly),


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Calling all SLA-350 Users,

We are currently weighing up the pro's & cons of switching from SL5190 to

The benefits associated with zero pre-dip delay and reduced moisture
absorption are obvious, and (from the data sheets at least) the two resins
have comparable mechanical properties.

So we decided to go forward and asked 3D for a sample which they have now
kindly provided (the square bottle, 1.5-2.0 mm wall thickness).

It looks quite good but I cannot base the decision to buy on this alone, and
I can't perform any meaningful tests on this sample.

Are there any experienced users of SL5510 out there who can share their

I have heard thin walled parts are very brittle, and as we are building
QuickCast parts 1.2m long / 300mm diameter I can't afford to have them break
on us. Any opinions?

Is the claimed improvement in QC drainage noticeable?

How do foundries find 5510?

The sample I have contains several bubbles - is this a typical problem?

How will the people in our finishing shop find the material?

Answers to these questions, and any other experiences, will be gratefully

I will collect all responses and re-post them after Easter.

Thanks in advance,


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