Re: Best CAM Software

From: Terry Wohlers (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 20:19:56 EEST

Leonel Graša wrote:

> Well, what is the best product for you Terry? I believe you could only
> make this question with a chart.

And Evald Ottosson wrote:

> That question is as impossible to answer as: Who makes the best RP
> system? Just like in RP it depends on the need.

I expected to receive similar replies from at least a couple of you.
Still, it's fun to ask the question. Everyone has their favorite, .....
and there's not a lack of opinions on this list. While I agree that you
can compare the selection of CAM software to the selection of RP systems,
it's really a different animal. CAM software products usually support a
variety of machines and are typically unbundled and sold separately. With
RP, the software and machine are bundled together as a system to offer a
unique solution.

> number of seats. And the rates are not like the one you present. By the
> way, is that world or USA market you are talking about?

I'm about 95% sure that these are worldwide figures. I'll find out and let
you know.

I posted my question late yesterday and was surprised to find 12 messages
(not counting the duplicates) at around 10:00 a.m. today. Active group! I
will summarize my findings as soon as possible. Already, I can tell you
that 11 different products were mentioned as either favorites or as popular
in a particular region of the world.

Terry Wohlers
Wohlers Associates, Inc.

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