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Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 20:49:13 EEST

Greg Pettengill wrote:
> Leonel Graça wrote:
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> > Still, in Portugal STRIM100 was leading the 3 AXIS market for many
> > years. I believed worldly too, but in Portugal I can assure it by the
> I'm not familiar with STRIM100, could you give me some background on it?

Years ago, STRIM was a CAD/CAM/CAE product from a Software House called
CISIGRAPH. In a "merge-and-acquisition" operation, Matra Datavision
bought CISIGRAPH. Sometime about then, STRIM became STRIM100. On those
days I worked with Pro-Engineer; Mastercam; CADDS5 and Autocad (of
course, not all are CAM). Only in 95 I started with STRIM. Great
translators, good toolpaths, no Z level, terrible user´s visual
interface (for occasional users, at least).

Well, main difference from others is to be based on "Bezier" curves
rather then "Nurbs" (like in Pro-E). "Bezier"& "Nurbs", probably closed
friends to Pitagoras ;)

So, STRIM and the other CAD/CAM application from Matra Datavision,
EUCLID3 (strongly used by French Automotive constructors) merged to
.2D CAD is EUCLID/Drafter,
.3D CAD for surface modeling became EUCLID/Styler,
.3D CAD for solids (hybrids surfaces and solids!!! Uses Bezier+Nurbs),
.CAM became EUCLID/Machinist,
.CAE became EUCLID/Analyst,
.and then there is a Product Data Management (PDM) for organizing all
those files and its versions producing/stockin/delivering/developing -
if you worked on developing for a German Car Constructor you now what
chaos I mean :) - there is EUCLID/Design Manager.

Back to STRIM100 and EUCLID/Machinist. STRIM only worked on UNIX
platform (we suggest SGI), maybe that's why you didn't knew it before.
Nowadays it runs also on NT, just like EUCLID/Machinist and complete
QUANTUM. - when Microsoft doesn't crash :) (sorry Bill, happens to me
all the time).

STRIM is past history for me, but you will find many users on the
Manufacturer of Tools for Plastics worldwide.

If you receive biiiig, huuuge IGES files you will be surprised, amazed
with the speed it will convert them with "quick-iges". Don´t take my
word for it, get a second opinion.

If RP is your business, you should be interested on the High-Speed
toolpaths, I believe it to be the (or one of the) first to include
special paths for really high speed, with loops and bypassing tricky
corners to avoid speed limitation inertia decelerations.

You also have detection of unmilled areas after this, then you finish it
properly. And you can visualize the finishing in realistic WYSIWYC.

Sorry if I got carried away. Feel free to ask for more info.


> > You see Terry, you are aiming this question to high level users. Many
> > Portuguese CAM users have only the knowledge the run the CAM application
> > on their computer, and could not tell you who Pitagoras was and what its
> > theorem is about.
> Who was Pitagoras and what is its theorem about?

I like your sense of Humor.
It all begun a long, long time ago with the yearly floods caused by the
rising of the Nile River. Ending with a common joke of mine about some
of our Milling and CAM operators who can detect a difference between a 2
and 3 degrees draft angle just by sight, can even memorize the tangents
of many angles - would surprise many mathematicians - but these guys
claim to have never heard about Pitagoras and its theorem.
On the other side are the kids at School, learning Pitagoras and its
theorem - not understanding its use!

You see, I first was a CAM operator, then school teacher, after that
operated CAD/CAM and now I just mix everything (training CAD/CAM

Some people find my writing too sarcastic, but not intended.
Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about Pitagoras...

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