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From: MICHELLE P WYATT 328-8537 (MICHELLE.P.WYATT@usa.dupont.com)
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 20:02:30 EEST

DuPont has four commercial stereolithography resins, the Somos(R) 2100
family,the Somos(R) 3100 family, the Somos(R) 6100 family and the Somos(R) 7100
family of resins. The Somos 2100 and 3100 family of resins are both
acrylate-based resins, and the Somos 6100 and Somos 7100 family of resins are
both epoxy-based resins. All of the Somos resins can work on any
stereolithography machine, not just the DuPont machines. The Somos 3100 family
does produce "crystal-clear" parts. The problem with this material is the same
that all acrylate resins have: they are not as accurate as the epoxy resins and
they have a tendency to curl. A very few machines, primarily based in Europe on
the STEREOS platform, still run this material, but most customers choose
stereolithography for its accuracy and the acrylates just cannot produce parts
that are as accurate as the epoxies.

I hope this helps, and I appreciate your inquiry.

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I have a sample of some Dupont material that was give to me by Ed
Gargiulo many years ago. The material was run on the Dupont Somos
Machine. I'm not sure if any of these machines are in service anywhere
though. May be Ed or Dan Micish can shed some light on this.

Best Regards,

Joe DeGuglielmo Eastman Kodak Company Rapid Prototyping Center 901 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14653-5315 (716)-726-7046 Phone (716)-726-3220 FAX jfdegug@kodak.com

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