Re: SL5510 - To buy or not to buy? - Part T

From: Beth P Israelnaim (
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 18:57:20 EEST


I am sorry that I failed to answer your request regarding experiences with SL5510. I am a user of the resin and have been from the beginning. We have had great success using this resin and I would recommend it over SL5190 any day. I am located in North Carolina, and as you may or may not know the humidity gets pretty high, so our main motivation for trying this resin was to save us from humidity problems and also for the higher TG and 0.002" tooling layers. My experience has been very positive. The parts are never tacky, they clean up easier than the SL5190 even when my TPM starts to get a little saturated. I build a lot of different geometries, mostly using the 0.002" tooling parameters, and have had very few (I can count them on one hand) build failures. The parts are somewhat more brittle, but have still been more than satisfactory. We have compared the performance of tooling components (Direct Inject) built using SL5190 and SL5510 and the ones built using SL5510 have been able to produce slightly more parts, when using a thermal post cure we have gotten still slightly more on top of the regular postcured SL5510. A nice side effect with SL5510 was the decrease in our cured line width - it went from 0.0018-.0019" down to 0.0013". The side walls are great and the down facing surface is also improved over SL5190. The upfacing surfaces are also great (but they were with 5190 too!).

The only thing right now that would make me change from SL5510 would be a resin like the one Ciba/3D is working on with the ABS like properties, So can we say "half-vat for the SLA-350" and have them both!

Please feel free to ask me any other specific questions, and once again I apologize for the tardiness of my reply.

Beth Israelnaim
Sr. SLA Technician
Becton Dickinson Technologies
P.O. Box 12016
R.T.P., NC 27709
(919) 990-2153


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