Not a RP Thesis....but an idea for an application!!!

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Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 20:21:27 EEST

hi list,

i had this idea after Singapore got her first air-crash in the whole
airline history.

after seeing the disembodied parts...and charred really
identify all these remains for the loved ones will definitely be a very
time-consuming and complicated tasks.

say for example, if given a skull how can we know how the deceased looks
like before fire eats out al the flesh???

if we can at that point of time ...digitised the skull and reproduced the
face of the skull...wouldn't that be a good idea???

let me llustrate....

now for example, the police has received a case of a found corpse..highly
decompose....left only the skull and the bones. no it
will be difficult for we will not know where to start
looking for the missing persons.

but suppose now, integrating the power of reverse engineering(primary) and
rapid prototyping(secondary)...the face of the deceased can be re-created
from the skull....wouldn't that help to solve the case in a faster
manner....rather than keeping it under Unsolved section because it will
take a very long time for the sculptor to recreate the facial appearance of
the deceased.

i feel that this application can be very useful to the archaelogists,
forensics and disaster management teams. take disaster management for
example.....a quick identification of the least the victims'
families may have the comfort of transporting the remains back to their
desired location for burial...rather than a mass burial.

well, that's my i am not sure if this can be a good RP or reverse
engineering thesis.

joseph sim

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