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Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 13:45:21 EEST

Brad W. Wright, Ph.D., P.E. wrote:
> Pitagoras - wasn't he a distant relative of that great Greek philosopher
> and mathematician, Pythagoras?
        Oops, perhaps Greg wasn't kidding.
        I apologize to the list, I only knew the Portuguese spelling,
since the
guy is the same, his name also should.
        I hate when that happens.
        Beijing&Pequim, Stuttgart&Estugarda, USA&EUA London&Londres
Egypt&Egipto (I wonder if I would get important and invent something,
people would call me "Lionel Grace"...)

> Oh, yeah, he (Pythagoras) also did some little-known theorem about a
> right triangle involving some abstract sum-of-squares thing.
        To mark and find each other's lands between Nile River floods.
"trigonometry's" (my spelling check worked here, ha!) base.
        Great use for Portuguese (ant others for sure) CNC programmers
to do
what we call "parametric programs" in order to mill with draft angles.
        That was on the 80┤s, before CAM became affordable for most of
They knew much about some part of trigonometry but nothing about

        It was a typical teachers gag, Elaine probably understands it
        I'll tell you a similar one.
        By mistake I had to teach something like "history of fonts and
typography" to pre-university Graphic Design students. No one at my
class had ever heard about Guttenberg (think its German, invented the
press printing "und ich hoffe da▀ Mann es so Schreibt").

        Had to give up school teaching before I would shoot myself in
the head.

> Back to work.
        Sorry for distracting.

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