Re: Not a RP Thesis....but an idea for an application!!!

From: Johannes Bonse (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 18:15:26 EEST

Justin R. Kidder wrote:
> Interesting idea, but why would you need RP? Just having a 3-D computer
> model of the victims would be good enough (and cheaper too). This model
> could be transported via internet, printed and distributed to whoever
> wanted it, etc...
> I wonder, though, if anyone is working on such a computer graphics
> problem. I'm sure someone must be--probably plastic surgeons would have a
> great use for this type of product.
> Justin
It is being done. The first method is to get a duplicate of the skull
and put plastine on it to form (average) muscles then add fat and skin
and hair according to age and gender etc. Et voila, you get a face. The
second method is somewhat the same but it is all virtual. For more
information you could ask the BBC where I saw it in a series called
something like Meet the Ancestors. It is used by archeologists, forensic

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