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Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 20:37:50 EEST

Hello List,

I posted an inquiry several weeks ago and wanted to let you know the results.

The inquiry was a series of questions on Rapid Epoxy Tooling

I received 3 responses. 1 Via telecon. We discussed the different
materials used and average tool life.
2 were via email. One of which was an interest in the results of this inquiry.

I was a bit disappointed in the number of responses. I thought more people
were doing epoxy or composite tooling.

Below is the result of the 2 responses along with our recent results;

1 Technique Used
        Cast in aluminum chase
        Aluminum Box

2. Type of Pattern used

3. Were Water Lines Used

4. What was injected material. Please indicate fill if applicable
        Toughest material used was 20% glass filled Nylon
        ABS, Propylene & Ethylene

5. Number of parts before tool died
        123 with toughest material
        600+ polypropylene

6. Was Mold used until dead

7. What was average cycle time
        20 seconds to 2 min

8. How was the end product received. Was the client satisfied
        There were a few projects gone bad

9. What type of Backfill used
        Aluminum filled epoxy
        Low melt metal

10. What type of gate worked best

How this is helpful to some. Sorry I didn't have any good jokes.

Rick Harrington

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