Nitrogen Generators

From: Marc D Karnik (
Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 - 16:51:10 EEST

     This message is in response to Darrick Spavens request concerning the
     use of a nitrogen generator to support an SLS machine.
     We have been using a Balston 75-95 generator for 3 1/2 years. It is a
     PSA type system. It provides nitrogen at a purity of 99.9 %.
     We are supplying nitrogen to 2 SLS 2000 systems. This includes purging
     the units as well. We service the sytem ourselves. It has been very
     I gave a presentation at the 1997 SLS users group concerning the use
     of nitrogen generators for the SLS process. I would be happy to email
     a copy of my presentation to anyone that is interested.
     Marc Karnik
     Whirlpool Corporation

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