Re: SLA's and Year 2000

From: Kevin Robertson (
Date: Sat Apr 25 1998 - 04:02:55 EEST

At 01:58 PM 4/24/98 -0500, Todd Stahlhut wrote:
>I was asked the question today if there were any year 2000 (Y2K) issues
>with the SLA process. My immediate response was NO. Has anyone done any
>studies or heard anything to indicate that the SLA process (The SLA 250
>in general) and the Maestro software has issues with Y2K.

I received a response from 3-D in regards to Y2K compliance. There position
is they will make any modifications on products purchased after August 31,
1997 to make the machines work at no charge. If the machines were purchased
before that, they will provide an upgrade plan if an upgrade is required.

According to the letter received, 3-D will be issuing a Year 2000 Policy
Statement by April 30, 1998. Randy Doyle is the Y2K Coordinator for 3-D and
the letter was drafted by their President and COO Richard Balanson.

If we ever slow down enough we are going to forward date a machine to see
what happens.
If anyone else has already done this a posting would be appreciated.


Kevin Robertson
VP Business Operations
ARRK San Diego, CA

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