Re: Not a RP Thesis....but an idea for an application!!!

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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 11:41:41 EEST

hi Mr Totong and list,

correct...i forgot about laser holography.

i think most of the coments from the list are correct...RP don't really
required(i put in because this is the rp-list...not the reverse engineering

yes, i have also seen documentaries of archaelogists putting clay
together...but if you have read this sentence from my first mail..."because
it will take a very long time for the sculptor to recreate the facial
appearance of
the deceased."

then you will know that having these experts to put up the face for
thousands may not be fast enough. and suppose given no information or
whatsoever about the deceased how can we change the skin colour, the eyes,
nose etc.

suppose a skull is obtained and digitised...the "future software" can
re-create the skull's original facial for Chinese, European, Hispanics,
Africans etc. wouldn't that be faster than getting an expert to mould the
model with the clay???

as Mr Totong, has pointed out...using laser holography can be an excellent
idea because a 2D image can contained all the 3D-information of the
reconstructed facial...but at this moment...i have not heard of any reverse
engineering software capable of re-creating 3D data in 2d holograms...if
yes...then it will be another breakthrough.

but i can summarise these are the few problems to be encountered :-
1) artificial intelligence methods required to map profiles from skull to neural networks may have to be flexible and list oriented in
performing the training
2) problems may cater for damaged, imcomplete missing lower
jaws....penetrated holes
3) intelligent location of the eyes, mouth and the nose
4) options for various skin textures/colours, eye's colour,
scars/birthmarks(as poposed by victims' kins)
5) the hardware for documentation such as colour printers(not really an
issue), equipment to create holograms (i am not so clear about this area)

well, that's my point of view...i still hope this article can still remain
as part of the rp discussion.

joseph sim

ps - have jokes but not dare to cracks!!!

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