Where does RP take us?

From: Oystein Asphjell (bugnut@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 06:05:46 EEST

Dear Sirs,
I am a Mechanical Engineering student from Norway, currently studying at
the University of Austin, Texas. I am not a member of the RP-list, and post
this in request for some help from it's members.

I am taking a class here at UT, which sole purpose is to enable engineers
to think "differently" - outside the regular box and use our imagination
and creativity to project current technologies impact on our life in the
future. For this class I am preparing a paper on "The Personal Factory",
with emphasis on the role of todays manufacturer as merely a supplier of
information and data in the future. I try to make some projections of what
impact a "3D Printer" in every home will have on inventors, manufacturers,
distributors, retailers, customers, users, liability laws, copyrights, etc.

I would greatly appreciate any inputs, comments, suggestions, thoughts and
ideas to this paper. Please mail to my private adress and not to the list.

Best Regards,
Oystein Asphjell

Then: Trondheim, Norway
Now: Austin, Texas

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