Re: Where does RP take us?

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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 05:24:20 EEST

Dear Oystein,

Why consult the experts? Why not use your imagination? Where would you
like to see RP take us?

If you must consult the experts, order a copy of Marshall Burns' book
"Automatic Fabrication". There are some very good thoughts on the

Also, I think Yakov Horenstein published an article by another author in
Techniche Nuova (ITalian) called "The Personal Factory". He participates
in this list and will probably respond.

Why not get radical and do your thesis or paper on the use of rapid
prototyping in relation to game systems for 8-14 year olds? What will it
take, what are its economies, who's doing it, simple cad systems that
keep normals aligned, etc.,.


Oystein Asphjell wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> I am a Mechanical Engineering student from Norway, currently studying at
> the University of Austin, Texas. I am not a member of the RP-list, and post
> this in request for some help from it's members.
> I am taking a class here at UT, which sole purpose is to enable engineers
> to think "differently" - outside the regular box and use our imagination
> and creativity to project current technologies impact on our life in the
> future. For this class I am preparing a paper on "The Personal Factory",
> with emphasis on the role of todays manufacturer as merely a supplier of
> information and data in the future. I try to make some projections of what
> impact a "3D Printer" in every home will have on inventors, manufacturers,
> distributors, retailers, customers, users, liability laws, copyrights, etc.
> etc.
> I would greatly appreciate any inputs, comments, suggestions, thoughts and
> ideas to this paper. Please mail to my private adress and not to the list.
> Best Regards,
> Oystein Asphjell
> Then: Trondheim, Norway
> Now: Austin, Texas
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