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Dear List,

We have been asked by one of our customers to
build a plastics injection mold. That's our business, so
normally this wouldn't present a problem. The catch,
here, is that the only data available is a hand-carved,
full-scale model of the part. The object is of a sculptured,
multi-faceted, free-form geometry that does not lend
itself to modeling in a cad package such as Pro/E.

Casting directly from the model might be an option, however,
the cavity blocks would be approximately 11" x 7" x 2", so
we have ruled out Kel-Tool.

The best option for us would be to have the model scanned
into some sort of a surface model that we could output to our
machining center.

Can someone on this list tell me the best way to approach
this; or, better yet, scan the object into a useable surface
model (for a fee, of course).

Thanks for your help.

John Durden
Durden Plastics
Fax: 770-995-7067

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