Re: Where does RP take us?

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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 17:01:34 EEST

hi list,

right now we are thinking in the capacity as an engineer..or computer

but there are people out there in the world who knows only Mozart or Drew
Barrymore.....not all the people in the world will think similarly like us.

when computer invaded our lives...they brought us games...a substance that
is wanted by everyone who wants to own a computer. computers also brought
us worldwide
communication...another requirement everybody wants.

but thinking in another sideline...what does a common people wants from a
RP system....or in the other way...what can the RP system offers a new
"want" to the common people. can the RP system give people the capability
to manufacture firearms so that people in New York can make guns to protect
themselves.....or antique collectors can make twin artefacts so that it
pacify them for not being to acquire the original.

there are so many "personal wants" that can be satisfied through other
means....and even services.....can RP provide all these "wants". hence, we
must look at a very different view point that RP may not be able to emerge
like the emergence of the personal computers in the late eighties.

actually, i feel that consulting experts are nothing wrong in this context.
they are spending more time in working on having new developments for the
RP arena. they can give more info on the work being done now...but Michael
has his point of view too...we don't have to rely on experts to visualise
the future....if we can imagine.....we can paint the future we want.

joseph sim

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