FDMCOM 6.0 - SML downloading software - New release!

From: Tobias (tobias.hogstrand@protech.se)
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 12:10:53 EEST

To all Stratasys FDM users:

Now FDMCOM 6.0 is available from www.protech.se. All non-swedes: Look
for the FDMCOM label in the menu bar. In the bottom of the language select
page, there are hyperlinks. Click on the FDMCOM 6.0 link to start the

Includes: Many updates and new features together with compatibility with
QuickSlice 6.0. Refer to the RELEASE NOTES in the HELP tab for details.

Tobias Hogstrand
E-mail: tobias.hogstrand@protech.se / Web: www.protech.se
Snail-mail: ProTECH AB, Box 627, SE-19126 Sollentuna, Sweden
Tel.:+46(0)8-594 70806, Fax:+46(0)8-92 96 20

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