Re: Propylene Glycol use with Ciba resins

Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 12:52:24 EEST


Here at Daewoo to clean the SLA models we use TPM in two stages then follow
up with Isopropanol. The initial first wash is with TPM to remove the worst
of the resin then with a cleaner second wash of TPM to remove any resin
missed on the first wash. We have a final wash with Isopropanol to remove
the resin/TPM residue. Providing you regularly change the TPM the resin is
easily removed and the alcohol leaves the model clean, dry and without
residue. There is no need to soak the models in either cleaning agent as
this will affect the model. We have a cleaning station that allows us to
clean the models in isolation and using TPM pumped through a brush head we
can scrub the models without emersing them in a bath of fluid. We purchased
the cleaning equipment though EOS in the days when they were into

I hope this helps


Derek Harrell.
Daewoo Worthing Tech Centre.
England. on 25/04/98 07:05:12

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Subject: Propylene Glycol use with Ciba resins

Dear RP-MLer's:
Has anybody tried propylene glycol for postprocessing of Ciba resins yet?
(Michelle Wyatt from Dupont in a previous e-mail said they had used it with
success on the Somos resins). I received a quart sample bottle from
Huntsmen Chemical but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.
What's everybody using out there - TPM or isopropyl alcohol? We're
currently using isopropyl with some success but even with good ventilation
the fumes are getting to us - we are processing some very large pieces,
approx 15-19" long, so we have a lot of resin stripping to do!
Any suggestions?
Glenn Whiteside
Cessna Aircraft

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