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From: John Wright (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 13:06:28 EEST

Terry wrote >

I don't have any plans to use this information for an article, but who
knows what the future holds. If I do, I will gladly share the money with
all 1,200 of you. An average article pays about $500, so that means each
of you would receive about 42 cents. Of course, the information would
likely represent less than 10% of the article's content, so that brings it
down to 4.2 cents. Still interested? <grin>


P.S. Glad I don't write articles for living.


The way some people go on about rapid prototyping and how hard it is to make ends meet, 4.2cents would double their daily income.

Regarding articles - at least yours are readable (most of the time!!)

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