Reverse Engineering and rapid prototyping

From: John Wright (
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 13:15:00 EEST

Surely Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering are linked - seeing as the
end result is a product delivered as soon as possible etc. etc. etc.

Problem is rapid prototyping is a downstream process, technology driven (in
a lot of cases but not all), whereas reverse engineering is an upstream
process generally labour/skill driven. The data capture may be technology
driven but is usually only a small part of the process.

Maybe we, sad but happy surface modellers do need our own list - however
seeing as we output to the rp world, the cross fertilisation of knowledge,
comments, experiences could be of use.

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Date: 27 April 1998 10:44
Subject: maybe we can also start our reverse engineering list

>hi Prof and list,
>i have not heard of such a list yet.
>maybe there will be such a list for reverse engineering in the near future.
>although the market is bleak in Asia now..i believe once the pickup is
>strong enough people will still want fabulous freeform designs...hence a
>growing market for reverse engineering.
>but on the other hand will anyone disagree that reverse engineering should
>not be discussed in the rp-list...although reverse engineering has very
>important roles in the upstream design process prior to rapid prototyping.
>joseph sim
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