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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 17:04:34 EEST

Oystein Asphjell wrote:
>>I am preparing a paper on "The Personal Factory",

Make sure Brock is given credit for the idea..of " A Personal Factory"
since his initial paper presented many visions for this technology. Also
Chris Jelley did a report in 1997 on "The Future of Rapid Prototyping" and
a student at Georgia Tech did one on 3D printing.

Chris put his paper in a blue cover and the other one is just white papers
so I lose it more than I can find it. Guess that is one thing that 3d
printing will do for us...give us more clutter to search through. What
will file cabinets look like for 3d printed material? Color seems to be a
great method of locating so color will be critical.

Technology is great but I am wondering today what happens when fuel sources
run low or out? That will happen at some future date and time. What
happens when water is scarce or non-existent? Most of us are spoiled and
thus fascinated with "new technology". How can RM help when war, famine,
or other disaster strikes such as tornados,floods, hurricanes? How can it
quickly help rebuild lives and aid in recovery?

When lightening strikes, you take stock of the important things and try to
move forward with few resources. If RP&M can make a difference in this
area of live then everyone will have to have one.

I need mine today,

>List member Brock Hinzmann of SRI wrote a long article called "The Personal
>Factory", which I had translated and published in a local magazine. Brock's
>article, which used to be available on MCB's website and may still be
>there, addresses the same points you raise. If Brock himself doesn't
>respond, I can send you a copy of the original article or the Italian
>translation . . . (Marshall Burns' book has also been translated into
>Italian ;-) and discusses some of these issues, as Michael Rees has
>already pointed out).
>Yakov Horenstein
>Milano, Italy
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