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    Now your starting to sound like you have waaaayyyyy too much time on your
hands.....but I'll bite. Give me a couple of days on this one.

Rob Richards

R.P. Engineer

Elaine Hunt wrote:

> Sitting here wondering..........RP Family Robinson..........
> You and 23 other employees have been told to move to a remote location (you
> pick) and told to start a new colony. You can take 5000 lbs of supplies
> and that is all you will ever get from earth. You will be on your own
> after that.
> What kind of RM machine could you use? What must it be able to accomplish?
> What materials will you plan to use? How will you adapt it?
> What disasters will you plan for? How will you plan for critical necessities?
> Can RM assist? What will be the critical material that you can not survive
> without? How can you make it? How long can you survive? Will your colony
> survive?
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