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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 19:31:53 EEST

   (TECNOMATIX/SDRC)(TCNOF)(SDRC) SDRC & Tecnomatix Join Forces to
                 Design and Production Engineering Environments

                           (Business Wire; 04/27/98)

     CINCINNATI & HERZLIYA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 27, 1998--

     World Leaders team to Offer Comprehensive and Interoperable
  Solutions To Speed Manufacturing Process from Design to Production

Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (NASDAQ: SDRC) and Tecnomatix
Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TCNOF) announced today at SDRC's user's conference,
ICCON (I-DEAS Customer Cooperative Network), a strategic alliance whereby the
two companies will work together to provide a comprehensive and integrated
solution from product design to production.

     The two companies will engage in joint product development to expand the
interoperability between their products. Tecnomatix and SDRC will jointly
develop and market solutions in the areas of Digital Factory, Digital Mock-Up
and Quality Management.

     "The relationship between industry leaders SDRC and Tecnomatix has
resulted in dramatic improvements in customer productivity," said Bill Weyand,
Chairman, CEO and President of SDRC. "The joint development activities between
SDRC and Tecnomatix will provide customers with the broadest integrated set of
conceptual design to factory automation applications available. Moving
SDRC will work with Tecnomatix on joint development programs focusing on
integration of product information and data management. The end result of this
relationship is that our customers will gain market advantage by delivering
high-quality products faster than their competitors can."

     "Manufacturers realize the benefits of CAD and CAPE solutions to help
reduce time-to-market and manufacturing costs. As world leaders in these
markets, both SDRC and Tecnomatix are committed to helping customers achieve
their manufacturing goals," said Harel Beit-On, President and CEO of
Tecnomatix. "We share several major manufacturing customers including Ford,
Mazda, Renault and Nissan. By integrating our technology, we will not only be
able to better serve our existing customers, but will be able to reach out to
new industries and customers with a fully interoperable and proven solution to
manage product design to production."

     "This joint effort between SDRC and Tecnomatix demonstrates both
companies' dedication to enabling and implementing end-to-end digital
manufacturing solutions," said Bruce Jenkins, Vice President, Daratech, Inc.
(Cambridge, MA). "The offerings that result from this cooperation should be
given serious consideration by manufacturing concerns seeking to compress time-
to-market through new levels of concurrency and collaboration between design
engineering and production engineering."

     Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. is the pioneer and world leader of the
computer-aided production engineering (CAPE) market. The Company develops,
markets, and supports industrial companies with software tools to fully
computerize the industrial process and achieve seamless transition from design
to production. CAPE products enable production engineers to create an
virtual environment that graphically displays and simulates actual
manufacturing operations. The Company's CAPE products include the ROBCAD line
of products for manufacturing processes; the VALISYS line of quality
engineering products; DYNAMO for the study of assembly and disassembly of
designed products; EXALINE for printed circuit board (PCB) assembly machines;
PART for generative machining and process planning; and SIMPLE++ for design,
planning and optimization of a complete factory.

     SDRC is a leading international supplier of mechanical design automation
and testing software, product data management software, and related services.
The Company's products and services help manufacturers optimize product
concepts early in the design process, enabling them to significantly improve
product quality while reducing product development time and cost. SDRC employs
about 2200 people and has 64 offices in 16 countries throughout North America,
Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.


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