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I may be mistaken, but I think that NASA is already working on this idea.

I would swear that I read about a project underway to determine the basic
materials and processes necessary to do this.

Question, If you load the Z402 with ground up rock dust, what kind of adhesive
can you spray that can be extacted from rocks?

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Subject: a idea for an evolution
Author: Elaine Hunt <> at internet
Date: 4/27/98 2:04 PM

Sitting here wondering..........RP Family Robinson..........
You and 23 other employees have been told to move to a remote location (you
pick) and told to start a new colony. You can take 5000 lbs of supplies
and that is all you will ever get from earth. You will be on your own
after that.
What kind of RM machine could you use? What must it be able to accomplish?
What materials will you plan to use? How will you adapt it?
What disasters will you plan for? How will you plan for critical necessities?
Can RM assist? What will be the critical material that you can not survive
without? How can you make it? How long can you survive? Will your colony
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