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Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 22:59:08 EEST

I suspect that there are four reasons:

1) The customers that buy CAM software are often machine shops, rather
than companies designing and building products. The sale is to a
machinist or shop manager, rather than an engineer, and they are tied
into a different network than the customers in the CAD market.

2) CAM software vendors are more frequently systems integrators as well.
So, since the customer is not searching out all of the components of the
solution, there is a greater opportunity for many vendors to sell - the
customers don't always know about the competition.

3) Effective CAM solutions require an intimate knowledge of actual
manufacturing - not just geometry and graphics. Strangely, many of the
major CAD players lack this expertise (especially within their sales and
support organizations), even though they offer products. Small CAM
players can easily convince customers that they understand manufacturing
better than the big companies.

4) Using a third party CAM system with a big name CAD system is a
solution that works, and often costs less.

Bruce Christie
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