"Cementing a Relationship"

From: lblasch@opw-fc.com
Date: Mon Apr 27 1998 - 17:28:02 EEST

     Dear List,
     Elaine started me thinking...(doesn't happen that often)...If you used
     a Z Corp. Z420 machine and filled it with the proper mixture of
     hydraulic cement (it expands as it cures), portland cement (shrinks as
     it cures), and rock dust, you could fill the spray head with water and
     be in buisness making yard ornaments or anything else from concrete
     that didn't require reinforcing.
     Are you an artist...how about Granite sculpture?
     Marble? Just use the proper mix of rock dust. (swirl the mix to get
     graining or spray on the color as a seperate operation)
     Talk about a robust model...the machine might wear out fast, but you
     just substitute carbide dust and build new ones that can take the
     A self replicating machine...wasen't there a movie that had an oblisk
     that did that?
     Larry Blasch
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