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Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 01:46:01 EEST wrote:
> Dear List,
> Elaine started me thinking...(doesn't happen that often)...If you used
> a Z Corp. Z420 machine and filled it with the proper mixture of
> hydraulic cement (it expands as it cures), portland cement (shrinks as
> it cures), and rock dust, you could fill the spray head with

There are so many potential material applications for the Z corp
machine, one wonders why the materials are currently so limited. How
about plaster z corp machines, or chocolate as the binder for making
little edible delicacies, or steel dust and some fast working epoxy,
or... fill in the blank.

The decorative possibilities of RP have barely been scratched.

I like the idea of working with existing materials on an island
somewhere and plugging them into high tech machines.


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