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Date: Tue Apr 28 1998 - 02:52:05 EEST

Oops, forgot to send this to the list!

Kevin Robertson wrote:
> At 01:58 PM 4/24/98 -0500, Todd Stahlhut wrote:
> >I was asked the question today if there were any year 2000 (Y2K) issues
> >with the SLA process. My immediate response was NO. Has anyone done any
> >studies or heard anything to indicate that the SLA process (The SLA 250
> >in general) and the Maestro software has issues with Y2K.
> I received a response from 3-D in regards to Y2K compliance. There position
> is they will make any modifications on products purchased after August 31,
> 1997 to make the machines work at no charge. If the machines were purchased
> before that, they will provide an upgrade plan if an upgrade is required.
> According to the letter received, 3-D will be issuing a Year 2000 Policy
> Statement by April 30, 1998. Randy Doyle is the Y2K Coordinator for 3-D and
> the letter was drafted by their President and COO Richard Balanson.
> If we ever slow down enough we are going to forward date a machine to see
> what happens.
> If anyone else has already done this a posting would be appreciated.
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> Kevin Robertson
> VP Business Operations
> ARRK San Diego, CA
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This morning I tested the 486 (we upgraded in 5/94) on our SLA-250 with
a program called TEST2000.EXE. I got the free program from - they are out to sell a program that will fix
your problem machines. TEST2000.EXE works by setting the time to
23:59:58 on 12/31/99, and letting the machine roll into 2000, then
rebooting and checking for problems. Our 486 came through with no
problems. Now the only question is, will 3D's software handle a date
like 04/27/00? I have set the 250's date forward to 04/27/00, and will
monitor and let you all know.


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