Re: SL5510 - To buy or not to buy? - Part T

Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 17:46:20 EEST


   We have installed our new SLA-5000 with SL5510 a week ago. Here is
what I know so far!

1. SL5510 has a yellow tint to it and is clearer than SL5180, but not
2. SL5510 is more brittle than any other resin that I have used in 10
years, except for the original beta resin of 1988.
The brittleness has been a concern with small features. Approximately
10% less flexibility than SL5180.
3. The information I have states: minimum recommended wall thickness is
0.020in (0.50 mm). I have tried 0.013
without beamcomp with good results, there goes accuracy. I am still
experimenting with small features.
4. Down facing surfaces have to be support much like the old acrylite
resins. There tends to be some delamination with
these surfaces.
5. Side walls are as tight as a hens ass!
6. Finishing - sands great and smooth, works well with a bead blastor.
7. Recommended layer thickness is: 0.004 (ACES), 0.005 (WEAVE), and
0.002 (TOOLING). I have tried all 3 and I like what I

Today I found out that one of the beam sensors is not working. That
explains some of the crashes I have experienced.
I will try to give you another update next week.

Jim Harrison
3Dimensional Engineering

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